[SMS] 블랙 벨트 - Black Belt, 북두 의 권 - Hokuto no Ken, 北斗の拳, Běidǒu shén quán, 北斗神拳

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사용자 삽입 이미지

1986, USA, EUR

사용자 삽입 이미지 사용자 삽입 이미지
사용자 삽입 이미지


사용자 삽입 이미지 사용자 삽입 이미지

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 Level Select
At title screen, using controller 2,
press Up, Down, Left, Right, Up+Left, Up+Right, Down+Right, Down+Left, Down x7, Up, Up+Right, Up+Right.
Then with controller 2 you can select a value using Up and press a button to start the game. Values are:

Value - Level
0 - Chapter 1
1 - Chapter 1 Boss
2 - Chapter 2
3 - Chapter 2 Boss
4 - Chapter 3
5 - Chapter 3 Boss
6 - Chapter 4
7 - Chapter 4 Boss
8 - Chapter 5
9 - Chapter 5 Boss
A - Chapter 6

Note: this cheat is VERY difficult to accomplish, and the diagonal directions must be pressed perfectly. For example, Up+Right must be pressed together at exactly the same time.

Infinite Lives Glitch
Press Button 1 to start the game. When the red screen comes up displaying the number of players, hold Button 1 down. The screen will go blank for only a short time. Press Reset before the action begins. The game will glitch and Riki will show up on the top left. You'll have unlimited lives, but be careful because if you receive an extra life due to points, your status will drop to zero and you can end your game. Thus, be careful and try to only do what you have to. The code is thus somewhat flawed, but it does work.

Secret Level
After beating Wang, the final boss, press Up twenty times during the text scroll to unlock a secret level. (In Chapter 7, you will fight all the bosses again)

Defeat Wang Easily
Wang, the final boss, is quite relentless and difficult. The manual states there is no weakness and you have to win by skill, but they're wrong. All you have to do is stay in the left hand corner as the round starts. When Wang is drawing close, hold down and then move up to jump. He'll jump right towards you and if timed right you can catch him in the air with low punches, brining his life down to nothing in a matter of seconds.

General Tips
For every 32 standing punches or kicks you throw, a health power-up will appear.

When the timer reaches '96' and every following 16 seconds later (80, 64, 48, 32, 16) the red japanese symbol power-up will appear. When you collect this you won't take any damage for 9 hits.

You'll receive an additional life at 100,000 and 300,000 points.

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 블렉 밸트, 검은띠, 북두신권










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