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X68000 / [X68K]/에뮬프로그램 2012. 3. 24. 14:24

 XM6 에뮬레이터 2.05버젼을 기반으로 한 개조버젼

제작자 홈페이지

ㆍfast forward key
ㆍpartial .zip file support
ㆍRAM dumper / inserter
ㆍmemory search function
ㆍability to save disassemblies
ㆍCPU state logging ("tracing")
ㆍsupport for loading V2.06 state files
ㆍ"branch prediction" in disassembly window
ㆍloading file system directories as disk images - killer feature! -
ㆍhigh-priority mode for listening to music in the background
ㆍdisassembly window is now almost a lite interactive disassembler
ㆍstep over, step out, and a smattering of similar debugging features
ㆍtons of new keyboard shortcuts, mouse controls, and menu commands
ㆍone command to open all processor debugging windows in logical locations
ㆍno longer overwrites certain config options when loading state files (very annoying)

ㆍEnglish documentation (a first for X68000 emulators!)
ㆍsome input finagling so you can type correctly with an American keyboard (partially) (*)
ㆍautomatically sets SRAM for Western-style features (e.g. backslash as directory separator)
ㆍnew patriotic logo/icons representative of the preceding convenience features

ㆍlots of other fixes/changes/improvements/silliness

-- 12년 3월 21일 배포 버젼

-- Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package (2008 SP1 KB2538243 version)

-- XM6 Pro-68k DLL Package

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